Get Help On Topics
That Challenge You The Most

Relaxed Relationships began as a Meetup over a decade ago. Our group discussions are what kept everyone coming back for more. Join us and discover why.

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Gain insight into your relationship issues
that challenge you the most.

Walk Away With...

  • Consciousness Comprehension

    Expect to see exactly what the impact of vibrating at different frequencies is creating in your life and how you are always the one influencing your dates, your relationships, and your reality.

  • Real life Examples

    Expect to know precisely what this process looks like as we share specific life examples from both the masculine and feminine perspectives regarding dating and relationship challenges.

  • Lively and Fun Energy

    Expect this process to be lively and fun. Challenging life situations don't have to be complicated. Come as you are, meet others like you, and walk away with tools that make a difference.

Additional Benefits Included:

  • Higher Consciousness and Vibrational Frequency Hacks

  • Hot Topics - Quick Easy Digestible References to Access in a Hurry

  • Learn how to Incorporate Spiritual Texts like A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love into the Challenges of Dating and Relationships

  • PowerPoint Presentations for Easier Learning, Comprehension and Integration

  • A Conscious Community willing to dive deep into the challenging topics