Let's Chat and Recalibrate

If you are looking for a new perspective on your life, perhaps all you need is a recalibration. Schedule a 30-minute call, and let me show you.

In this free session, we will also take a few minutes to recalibrate your emotions with the latest technology available to help balance your feelings when you are out of alignment. You will receive balancing tones for your emotions with downloadable MP3 files to listen to whenever you need to recalibrate. So you can experience this powerful tool firsthand.

A Heuristic Approach

I'll help you find a mental shortcut that allows more ease when making a decision. Solutions are never black and white, but when you look at your situation from a higher perspective choosing the best path forward can become obvious. I am here to empower you and help you discover the answer for yourself. Because the answers always come from within.

You're Not Alone

We've all been through a lot in the past several years, and life is never a smooth path, so TAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF. You are not alone if you question your life decisions, feel confused about others, or don't think you know who you are anymore. So, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and know there is something you can do to recalibrate and begin again.

I'm Lisa, and I'll be your Experience Practitioner:

(Experience: The process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you.
Practitioner: One who acquires knowledge from actual practice; one who has practical experience.)

For almost three decades, I have been a student and teacher of The Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Astrology, and Numerology and I've discovered a way to package all of it within the container of how Humans are Designed and the Levels of Consciousness.

I can give you insight into how you can APPROACH CHALLENGES from a higher perspective, not from a woo-woo place but what it looks like in the day-to-day "real" world.

Therapy for the Soul

Your areas of expertise and philosophy on life are refreshing. You have allowed me a safe place to explore who I am. Your thought-provoking questions allowed me to uncover parts of myself that I didn't want to admit I had or hoped no one would notice. I can finally forgive myself. I am excited, prepared, and ready for my next chapter in life.

~ Teri F.

Book A Call And Recalibrate

Sometimes we can do a lot of inner and outer work and challenges still exist.
I'm here to help you lift your subconscious programing to your conscious mind.

The Darkest Hour is Just Before the Dawn

What Others Have To Say

Jessie Harrison

Lisa uses real-life examples to help illustrate how we lay our own traps in our relationships and how we can get out of those same traps. Her approach is unique and refreshing, as her insights force me to look at things differently. What a find!!!

Carol Amendola-D'Anca

I'm so glad I found this community! I love this! Lisa quickly and easily provides a useful guide for raising awareness of blind spots that can sabotage not only ourselves but our relationships with others. Her knowledge and experience really show through in how adept she is at getting to the point. I wish I would have found this process years ago!

Gary Pressman

Both my wife and I are committed, and spiritual and love the presentations. Your insight is phenomenal, backed up with intelligent facts and research.

Kathleen Alexander

Lisa is an excellent advisor and teacher and explains the levels of consciousness well, so I can easily understand and apply them.

Robert Simms

Refreshingly unique and relatable insights. I've been immersed in the spiritual world for many years, and Lisa has an effective and unique way of conveying solutions like no other.