Do you ever wonder why true love only seems to happen to a select few? 

To be exact, science has confirmed it's less than .04% of the world's population.

So what does it take to create lasting fulfillment in the romantic department? You see, this process of discovery is very much like a ladder, but the final step to reach the benign level of love actually involves a mystery. Unfortunately, it doesn't always look like a path of roses, and you should, therefore, expect to experience a few thorns.

Our Online Community is a left brain approach to the power and vulnerability of the heart. This is a step-by-step process leading you up a ladder to understanding what you are responsible for when it comes to dating and relationship challenges. We will help you correct sabotaging behavior so that you can discover your highest Self on the path to true love.  

If you are willing to be part of the .04% of the population who accept full accountability for creating change in your relationships and life, Relaxed Relationships is for you. 

Our curriculum isn’t for those who are looking for easy answers or thinking “it’s everyone else.” Our process is proven and extremely potent and requires you to put forth the effort. 

In This FREE Course, You Will Discover

  • Discover why relationships are a ladder and love is a mystery
  • Discover why you really only have two choices in every moment
  • Discover where you are sabotaging yourself when it comes to love

Course Curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome

    • History of the Compass

    • Making the Choice

    • Using the Compass

    • Making This Work For You

    • The Hidden Aspect

    • Do Something Different!

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