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The Toolbox

Your membership includes full access to a resource library used as a repository for helpful information, tools, and other resources that aid in learning, understanding, and integration.

Inside your resource library toolbox:

  • Our Signature Courses: The process of integration happens over time. We don't throw a lot of videos at you. You will receive each course in subsequent order to build upon your understanding of the material.

  • The Relaxed Relationship Compass: Easy access to the quick course and easy downloads.
  • The Four Levels of Relationships Guide:  Find everything quickly to remind yourself of the higher levels of consciousness and how to access them. 
  • Hot Topics: Quickly looking for a specific topic in a short abbreviated fashion. You will have access to all different kinds of knowledge products in one place, allowing you to take a deeper dive into topics that interest you most.
  • The Replay: Life happens and sometimes our schedules won't align. That's why we have all the recordings of everything easily accessible in your membership Toolbox.

You will have this file repository at your fingertips and will be continuously updated for a deeper understanding,  discovery, and implementation.

Signature Courses

Our signature courses are taken in 3 phases in subsequent order;
building upon your understanding for implementing change and integration.

Learn - Discuss - Discover - Create


    This alchemy is based on significant study and research across a broad spectrum of areas in science and religion and then tested through years of applying to relationship issues and challenging life situations.


    Learn the tools for easy navigation regarding the complexities of "others." At every moment, you only have one of two choices. When you choose a higher state of consciousness, when it feels impossible to do so, a new circumstance is created that you wouldn't have believed possible.


    It takes practice to begin understanding how to create a change...lots and lots of practice! You will soon discover there is always help and encouragement along the way. Many of our members have been down this path before you and are with you on the journey.

The Relationship Compass

The Four Levels
of Relationships

You will have all our signature tools available to discover, understand, and implement, and integrate the higher levels of consciousness.

It's time to build deeper bonds and intimacy - not higher walls.

The Tool Box is Just One Part of Your
Online Community

Your Exclusive Membership Includes:

  • Live Discussion Group Q&A

    Our bi-weekly live zoom sessions are available to discuss the topics that challenge you the most while navigating the complexities of "others." Get your questions answered, and have confidence you will learn a new way of maneuvering the hard spots. Sessions are customized to address your specific wants and needs. Share, learn, and grow with a like-minded conscious community.

  • Recalibrate

    Balance your emotions in minutes. Your body is a magnificent energetic machine that requires ongoing maintenance and calibration. Your relationships and life become affected when your emotions are out of alignment and vibrating at lower frequencies. FIVE FREE sessions are included in your membership, and more are available to purchase with discounts.

  •  Individual Personalized Sessions

    Many options are available for personalized individual support. Your first 60-minute one-on-one session with me is FREE and included in your membership. In addition, you can purchase additional sessions at a discounted member rate, and if you want a deep dive into the amazing YOU, we offer personality mapping too! 

  • Daily Text Affirmations

    For 365 days, you will receive an uplifting text affirmation to help you restore your highest-best Self and anchor in the higher levels of consciousness. Saying the same thing repeatedly does not create a change. We'll walk you through the effective way to use the affirmations when you become a member. 

  • Signature Curriculum

    Our courses are based on significant study and research across a broad spectrum of areas in science and world religions and then tested through years of applying to relationship issues and challenging life situations. You will have the tools for easy navigation regarding the complexities of "others".

  • Partners Community 

    Our members’ community is contained within your own personal portal, so it’s private, safe, and easy to use. Connect with those committed to growing, learning, and being mindful, just like you. You can also become a partner sharing your gifts and services with our community and earn a residual income. More info in the FAQ.

Begin Your Journey to Relaxed Relationships
and Walk Away with...

  • Consciousness Comprehension

    Expect to see exactly what the impact of vibrating at different frequencies is creating in your life and how you are always the one influencing your dates, your relationships, and your reality.

  • Real life Examples

    Expect to know precisely what this process looks like as we share specific life examples from both the masculine and feminine perspectives regarding dating and relationship challenges.

  • Lively and Fun Energy

    Expect this process to be lively and fun. Challenging life situations don't have to be complicated. Come as you are, meet others like you, and walk away with tools that make a difference.


- A step-by-step process of navigating the complexities of "others" with real-life examples.
- Exclusive members-only community.
- Help others, utilize the services of others, earn a residual income through our partner program.
- Our relationship secrets to deeper intimacy, effective communication, and what we do to cultivate love and joy.
- PowerPoint presentations taking you step-by-step for easier understanding and comprehension.

  • Weekly deep dives into the topics that challenge you most

  • Bi-weekly live group discussions Q&A

  • 365 Daily text messages

  • 5 - Free emotional recalibrations and discounts for more

  • 1 - Private one-on-one 60 minute meet and greet

  • The Relaxed Relationship signature Toolbox

  • Love S.O.S Get help when you need it most