Creating a Change isn't Difficult to Do...

when you break it down into 4 levels.


Although there are numerous levels of consciousness and over 80 different emotions, the Four Levels of Relationships and the Relaxed Relationship Compass developed as a result of many years of life experience. Join us to discover that everything we e do fits neatly into four levels. EVERYTHING!

So, if we always know where we stand when it comes to the emotions we choose, we can create a shift and UP-LEVEL our lives by making a new choice during a challenging moment.

Sounds easy, and it is once you become aware of what you are looking for. BUT IT'S NOT because we seldom see what's hiding under the surface in our wounded hearts. Our unresolved pain becomes our compass for navigating our relationships.

This is a logical, left-brain approach to the vulnerability and power of the heart. This process allows us to heal our wounds and visually see what we are creating through our beliefs about our relationships and what it means to LOVE. 

This is the path to wholeness and the journey to reclaim our fragmented lives and return home to our Self.

Science - Spirituality - Common Sense


We are all about the Higher States of Consciousness and Vibrational Frequencies.

Everything is energy and frequency. Atoms and molecules constantly vibrate, making up the world we live in. When frequencies change from their optimal state, problems can occur.

We often hear through the Relaxed Relationship community that navigating dating and relationships as one’s highest self isn’t always easy, and we agree with you.

New technology allows us to quickly recalibrate and raise our vibrational frequency in just a few minutes, making a choice for a higher level of consciousness much easier. Not to mention, we feel better and can function more optimally.

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Join us as we dive heart-first into the depths of understanding our soul's desires. Through the obstacles of "others," we heal our wounds and challenge ourselves to discover a new path toward relationship fulfillment. Expanding into something more whole-hearted, compassionate, and Divinely inspired.

Does Your Life Match
The Grandness of Your Spirit?

Personality Mapping

The Only Relationship that Ever Matters is the One with Your Self.

Take a journey into the remarkable you. Our Personality Integration Map helps you navigate your challenges by understanding who you are and who you are meant to be in this world.

A map for your LIFE PATH was written the moment you were born, so you don't have to live with regrets or shame.

Everything happens for a reason. Let's discover the "why" behind your life challenges, heal your wounds, and chart a new path forward.

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Jessie Harrison

Lisa uses real-life examples to help illustrate how we lay our own traps in our relationships and how we can get out of those same traps. Her approach is unique and refreshing, as her insights force me to look at things differently. What a find!!!

Carol Amendola-D'Anca

I'm so glad I found this community! I love this! Lisa quickly and easily provides a useful guide for raising awareness of blind spots that can sabotage not only ourselves but our relationships with others. Her knowledge and experience really show through in how adept she is at getting to the point. I wish I would have found this process years ago!

Gary Pressman

Both my wife and I are committed, and spiritual and love the presentations. Your insight is phenomenal, backed up with intelligent facts and research.

Lisa G.

"Anytime there's a potential for personal growth; it's going to be good."

Marta W.

"Lots of wisdom, inspiration & laughter shared here. Awesome!"


"Deeply spiritual concepts presented by genuinely authentic presenters and great supporting participants. Therefore, a lot of food for thought to ponder and evolve oneself. Thank you!"


"Lisa and Gary are excellent teachers and explained the levels of consciousness well so I can easily understand and apply them. Furthermore, topics are always enlightening."


"Intriguing and challenging - the ideas presented in these classes and the conversations move me out of my comfort zone, and THAT is a good thing!"


"Refreshingly unique and relatable insights. I've been immersed in the spiritual world for many years and Lisa has an effective and unique way of conveying solutions like no other."


"Good, if you are seeking and willing to show up in life."